甲方:Party A乙方:Party B

代表签字:By Representative代表签字:一般中型饭店年收入。By Representative






2.本协议附件:Attachment Hereof

ThisAgreement shall enter into force on the date of signature and sealby parties hereto. This agreement is made in triplicate beingequally valid and authentic. Each party hold one cope hereof andsubmit one copy to China Athletics Association for filing. Anyoutstanding matters may be negotiated separately on which thesupplementary agreements may be signed.



Partieshereto shall strictly abide by the provisions hereof and fulfilltheir respective obligations. Provided that any dispute which ariseout of or in consequence of performance hereof, parties heretoshould make settlement through amicable negotiation; where noreasult by negotiation or any party is unwilling to do so, eitherparty may lodge a civil litigation to the competant court at localof defendent.


Thesignature, validity, interpretation and execution hereof shall begoverned by the laws of the people's Republic of China.

1.本协议的签订、效力、解释及执行,应向乙方支付违约金 美元;如果乙方违约应向甲方支付违约金 元。

九、适用法律及争议解决Applicable Law and Settlement of Dispute

Party Aundertakes, in the period of cooperation, to cooperate exclusivewith party B on thecompetition project which is concerned herewith;and party B undertakes to operate this competion as per theobjectives and scale agreed upon herein. Where party A breach thecontract, shall pay party B a penalty ; and party B breach the contract, shall pay party A apenalty of inUS dollars.


八、违约责任Responsibilities for Breach

Withregard to the approval and filing procedures of the relevantadministrative authotities which required for the performancehereof, each party hereto shall, as per the agreement herein, beresponsible for completion of its specific work with respect to theapproval and filing procedures. Provided that party B will be aprinciple part of application for approval and filing procedures,party A shall render necessary assistance within scope of itsadministrative authority.


七、报批Submission for Approval

Within thevalidity period of contract, parties hereto shall take propermeasures to keep the materials or information strictlyconfidential. The other party shall not disclose or divulge to anythird party without prior written consent of one party.



Party Bshall enjoy the full rights of operation, commercial developmentand income distribution of the international marathon for a totalof years.


Thearrangement of vehicle and planning of ferry route in the period ofrace; planning of function zones of start / finish; arrangement ofrace time schedule; planning of volunteer’s post liabilities;pre-race training and management of volunteers.


Theprocurement of materials for the operation and propagada /advertisment, on-site decoration of exhibition; Make, issue andsell medals, trophies, certificates, souvenirs, player’s bag,athletes costumes and other.


Thedevelopment and usage of the software and wibesite for competionoperation / registration system in addition to the data statisticsin whole precedures.


Responsible for the organization planning, preparation andimplementation of competition, including:


Beingliable for the preparation and implementation of the schedules ofplans and budget, etc. including inter alia, such schedules ofmarket development, attracting merchant / investment, activities,media integration and other. Party B may, with the written consentof party A, entrust the third party to make the implementation ofthe propaganda promotion, advertising sponsorship, competitionon-side decoration construction and other works.

3.负责编制及实施本赛事策划方案、预算方案等,应对 城市的经济发展做出贡献,每年投资不少于 元(包括筹集赛事运营和推广工作所需资金和赞助)。

Party Bshall, in the process of holding and operation of marathon, make acontribution to the economic development of city,include inter alia, attracting investment, promoting tourists,catering and accommodation, commodity procurement and raising citypopularity.


Party Bshall, in the period of contract, be liable for market developmentwith annual investment not less than YuanRMB, including the necessary funds for the operation / promotion ofthe competition and sponsorship.


五、乙方的权利和义务Party B’s Rights and Liabilities


5. Party Ashall enjoy the right of income distribution of internationalmarathon.

Party Aprovides the necessary assistance and coordination of party B’sinvitation and reception of foreign players and media reporters,include, inter alia, handling exitg and entry formalities,etc.

Invitationand reception of relevant government leaders and officials ofinternational organizations to attend the opening ceremony, awardceremony and other activities, in addtion to arrange theaccommodation / traffic and necessary services for the guestsandstaff therewith invited by party A in theperiod of competition.



In theperiod of competition, be liable for the works of safety andsecurity, traffic control, order maintenance, emergency handling,health supervision, medical rescue, fire fighting and soon.



Beingresponsible for the preparation of the televant functionaldepartments of the Organizing Committee, including theimplementation of the competition schedule and related staffarrangements.


Beingliable for submission of approval, file keeping and other issuesconcerned the marathon, and shall, within 10 daysacquirement offrom ChinaAthletics Association, provide party B with a copy ofAPPROVAL.


四、甲方的权利和义务Party A’s Rights and Liabilities

Party A isreserve the right of conducting audit on the proceeds ofcompetition by its financial personnel at the time of distributionof commercial revenue with respect to this competition betweenparty A and party B.

3.乙方在该赛事相关商业收入与甲方进行分配时,想知道新店生意不好,心态要好。甲方分配 %;乙方分配 %,并委托乙方负责该赛事及相关系列活动的运营和推广工作。

A specialbank account shall be established for this marathon competitionwhich be supervised jointly by parties hereto. The funds investedby party B, revenues from sponsor advertisment and player’s enterfee and other income shall inter into the bank account. The auditsof all revenue and expenses will be necessary at the end ofcompetition.


Theproceeds from the operation and advertising promotion will bedistributed as that party A’s distribution is;party B’s distribution is %and taxes are paid separately by each party. The intellectualproperty rights of title, logo, audio / video data and other withrespect to this marathon will be jointly owned by partieshereto.


三、收益分配、账户管理和审计Proceeds Distribution, Bank Acount andAutit

Party Bshall be responsible for the operation and promotion of thecompetition and shall undertake the following costs and expenses (the execution, material / equipment, public relations, propagandaof pre-and post-competion, staff travel fees, guest invitationexpense, etc.)


Party A,as the host of marathon, shall provide the necessary governmentpublic resources for the competition, and entrust party B with theresponsibility for the operation and promotion of the competitionand related activities.


二、合作方式Cooperation Means

Participation scale: marathon 7,000 people, half marathon8,000 people, fitness runing 5,000 people, total 20,000people.


CompetionTime: .The holding time for other marathon matches subsequent to thiscompetition, at least once a year, will be determined by consensusagreement bewteen party A and party B.

6.比赛举办时间: 。(每年至少一届),达成合作协议,就共同举办以甲方为承办单位、乙方为赛事运营与推广方的马拉松事宜,甲乙双方根据《中华人民共和国合同法》和《中华人民共和国体育法》的规定,including。经友好协商,在遵循自愿、公平的原则基础上,看看餐饮投资多少钱。而且乙方在运营马拉松赛事方面具有丰富的成功经验。学会2018餐饮倒闭潮开始了。

Competition methods: as per the latest Track / Field Rulesapproved by China Athletics Association and this year’s marathoncompetition rules.


Organizer: ;Host: ;Operation / Promotion:

4.主办单位: ;承办单位: ;赛事运营与推广:

Race Nameand Sponsorship Title: InternationalMarathon. Specific competion name / sponsorship title may bedetermined through consensus of consultation between partieshereto.

3.赛事名称及赞助冠名:国际马拉松赛。具体的比赛名称和赞助冠名可以由甲方与乙方后另行确定。番茄资本 靠谱投 卿永。

2.举办地和规模:Host Place and Players Number

RaceItems: Male / female’s marathon, Half marathon, 10,000 meters,5,000 meters andrun.

一、赛事概况General View

NOWTHEREFORE, parties hereto, on the basis of the principle ofvoluntariness and fairness, through amicable negotiation, inaccordance with the Contract Law of the People's Republic of Chinaand the Sports Law of the people's Republic of China, have reacheda cooperation agreement on jointly organizing the marathon in whichparty A as the host and party B as the operator and promoter. It ishereby agreed as follows for abide by:


Party B isa professional company which aims to provide runners with a seriesof value-added service including, inter alia, running sportsservices, the organization / operation of competitions, with richsuccessful experience in marathon operation.

2.乙方是旨在为跑者提供跑步运动服务、赛事组织、赛事运营服务等一系列增值服务的公司,起到良好的宣传作用, Party A isdesirous of promotion of city’s fame and popularity throughinternational marthon and play a good publicity role in propaganda,so enter into this strategic cooperation agreement with partyB.

1.甲方希望通过借助国际马拉松赛事的影响力提升城市知名度, 鉴于:Whereas

法定代表人:听听。Legal Representative

乙方(投资运营方):Party B ( Investor / Operator ) :地址:Address


甲方(承办方):Party A ( Host ):地址:Address



签署地点: Theplace of signature

签署日期:番茄资本 靠谱投 卿永。 Thedate of signature